Great Design is Good Business

Many organizations see design as mere window dressing, but great design is much more then that. Great design drives results and increases positive returns on your investment. The biggest mistake that most organizations make is to let their personal opinions determine design choices instead of using their customers’ perspective. This approach typically results in the … Continue Reading

The Right Time to Invest in a Designer

Often, design is the one missing element that can take a company from good to great. On the other hand, some companies invest in designing a beautiful brand experience only to go out of business a short time later. So how do you know if you should invest in design? It’s all about timing. Here … Continue Reading

Client Communication Tips

Nine Communication Tips to Keep Clients Happy

Lets face it, we’ve all had bad client experiences. The initial excitement turns into dread when we get yet another email from the client requesting more frivolous edits. Where did this all go wrong? A seemingly great project at the start sours into a client management nightmare. You’re crossing your fingers that the project will … Continue Reading

Design for Emotion

The Important Things

I enjoy making things. More specifically, I like to make tangible things. If I’m not sketching, creating, or designing, I’m fixing, tinkering, or planning. I’m not materialistic, but my life revolves around the things I own and the things I create for others. I want to pass this idea down to my children, as my … Continue Reading

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